Nutting nuts to be sold at Costco, Walgreens, Walmart, Target in Ontario

Nutting is one of the nuts that can be purchased at Costco stores in Ontario, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne announced today.

Wynne says it is a staple of the local diet, and it is currently sold at Walgies, Costco, Target and other retail outlets.

Wynne said it is the second time the province has taken nuttings off the shelf.

She also said that nutting is an important part of the food supply and she would like to see other food brands incorporate nuttning into their offerings.

Wynne also said she hopes to see more restaurants and convenience stores start to carry nutting in the future.

Nutting, or nuttin, is a large, aromatic nut used in various recipes to flavor foods.

It can be made into a variety of products including jerky, pastries, soups, crackers, cookies, muffins and many other foods.

Wynne told reporters that she wants to see the products that are on the shelves be made with nuttins, including the one she mentioned above.

Wynne’s announcement comes after Ontario’s Nutritional Services Agency confirmed last week that it was conducting a review of nuttin products across the province.

Nuttins are used in the production of cheese, margarine, butter and even bread.

Wynne is currently in her second year as Ontario’s premier.