A gorilla is in Australia’s zoo after being removed from its enclosure

A gorilla has been released from its Melbourne zoo enclosure.

Key points:The gorilla was in the zoo since March and is being cared for by a gorilla expertThe gorilla has now been removed from the zoo’s public areasThe zoo said it was in “the process of evaluating how best to return the gorilla to the wild”A gorilla has just returned to the public areas of the zoo after a five-year stay.

It’s the first time a gorilla has returned to public areas since a five year stay in the public area of the National Zoo in Melbourne.

The gorilla is one of five species of gorillas in the world and the first to be moved from its zoo enclosure at the zoo.

The other five species were named after Australian National Parks and Wildlife Management Authority (ANPWA) officials.

The first two species are native to South America and the last two are from the African continent.

“We were fortunate to be able to provide a gorilla and we will provide an additional gorilla to their enclosure to assist them with rehabilitation,” ANPWA director of facilities and operations, David Wray, said in a statement.

“It is important to remember that these animals are still wild animals, so any changes to their habitats and behaviours are likely to be more extensive than we have seen before.”

This is just one example of how our management and science is improving the safety and welfare of animals and the public.