What to watch for as President Trump addresses U.N. in Geneva

President Donald Trump is scheduled to address the United Nations General Assembly on Wednesday, where he will deliver a speech outlining his plan to make the U.S. a global leader in fighting global poverty and climate change.

Here are some of the key points: Trump is expected to reiterate the need to move beyond the rhetoric of war and call for a new international order to address a wide range of problems, including rising health care costs, job insecurity, and the need for more economic freedom.

In his speech, he will say he is “not here to talk about a political party or a candidate.

We are here to fight for a better future.”

Here are the key moments in Trump’s speech: *Trump: “I have always said that America is the only country that can make a difference” on climate change.* The president has often touted his support for a climate policy that is broadly similar to the approach taken by the Obama administration.

He is expected today to declare his intent to pursue an international climate accord and urge countries to follow through on commitments to take climate action.

Trump also is expected once again to call for the creation of a new national infrastructure bank and infrastructure project bank.

*Trump, Xi call for climate talks to be ‘fair, transparent and fair’* Xi Jinping and President Donald J. Trump are expected to call on countries around the world to meet to try to tackle climate change, a top Trump administration official said.

*The White House has said the United States would be ready to participate in the Paris Climate Accord.

But the White House also has said it is not seeking a formal invitation from countries to participate.

Trump and Xi are expected in New York on Thursday to discuss a range of issues, including climate change and trade.

*Xi urges Trump to keep his promises on climate and military spending* The two leaders are expected this week to call each other for a “constructive dialogue” on addressing climate change as they prepare for a summit meeting.

*China to send troops to Afghanistan to bolster U.M. and NATO presence* China’s Foreign Ministry is expected this weekend to send two hundred and fifty-one soldiers to Afghanistan, the ministry said.

The deployment is part of the country’s effort to bolster its security and stability in the region.

*Joint declaration for the implementation of the Paris climate accord* The U.K. has signed a joint declaration on the Paris Agreement with other countries, including the U, France, Germany and China, pledging to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, and will send a team of researchers to work on the document.

*U.S., China to hold joint climate summit* President Donald Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping will hold a joint climate dialogue at the G-20 Summit in Hamburg on Friday, the White and the White Houses said.