Why the Costco nuts are being called nuts

The name of a nut in the United States may be “nute” and the company says it’s not a bad name for a nut.

But what if you didn’t like the name?

We got the chance to chat with Nutella executive director Nick Speri, who said he didn’t want to use the word because it could be misinterpreted.

But the word was chosen for the reason he said, “We wanted it to have a sense of humor, to be a little bit cheeky,” he told TIME in an email.

Costco, which is owned by Walmart, is known for its nuts, including its signature peanut butter and almond milkshake.

But as of the middle of this year, the company’s peanut butter bars were being replaced with nut bars.

So why is the nut brand being called nut instead of peanut butter?

Nuts are nutty, Sperii said.

We’re not a nut company, so there’s a little more risk that we would be seen as a nut-based company or not a company that prides itself on being nutty.