How nuts are made

The nuts are grown from the seeds of a plant called nut grass.

Photo: Supplied The nuts used to make these almonds are harvested by hand in a special facility.

They are then dried and ground into a fine powder.

These nuts are then roasted in the sun for several hours in a wooden kiln before being packaged and packed into bags.

The nuts can be purchased from the farm at $2.25 per kilo.

A variety of nuts is also available.

“There’s a variety of types of nuts available from the nut farm.

Some are a little bit more expensive than others.

For example, the sweet orange is around $1.50 per kilogram, whereas a little more expensive, for example, a bit more yellow, would be around $3 per kilom.”

Ms MacDougall said she had been purchasing nuts from the farmers market at her local supermarket and had not seen them sold to the public.

“I’ve always had a soft spot for the farmers markets and I thought it was a fantastic idea to buy them from the growers,” she said.

“They’ve been able to sell them to me, and I haven’t had to worry about buying them.”

Ms McMillan said she was surprised at how little her supermarket had been known to stock nuts.

“You see a lot of nuts in the supermarkets and they’ve been sold at that price point,” she explained.

“So I was really surprised to see it at $3.50 a kilo, I thought that was a bit of a bargain.”