BMW’s locking wheel nuts for the 2015 Z4 have hit the market

BMW has announced that it has launched the locking wheelnut locking nut for the Z4 in a new update.

The Z4’s locking wheels are part of a system which uses a combination of sensors to keep the car on track while the car is in gear.

The sensor uses a magnetically coupled device, and when the car starts to shift the locknut will lock the wheel in place.

The locking wheel is one of the most advanced technologies BMW has ever used for the BMW Z4, and BMW has been using it to keep track of its car’s speed, braking and steering for decades.

The new Z4 lock nut is the latest BMW product to hit the markets.

The Z4 has a range of locking wheels that are designed to lock the car in place while driving. 

In 2016, BMW introduced the Z3s locking wheels which had the same concept, but only worked on the Z2 and Z3 models.