This is a real thing and it’s a very real food

In a new report on food and nutrition, the New York Times has come out with a very special report on bitter kolaches.

These are a unique type of bitter, which can be made from bitter almonds.

According to the report, these are “extremely rare” and “extremely bitter.”

But what is a bitter kolo nut?

They are actually a nut with a lot of almonds in it.

So what are they?

A bitter koko nut is made by adding a bunch of bitter almonds to an oil or oil-based kolache, and then steeping it for a while to get it to become very bitter.

It’s called koko, and it means “to boil.”

In addition to being the only type of kola in the world, bitter koro nuts are also a popular snack for many South Africans.

According in the Times report, the bitter kokos can be found all over South Africa and have even been popular as a snack for children.

But this is not the only reason people have been calling bitter koki nuts “bitter” and calling them “ugly.”

It is also because they’re considered to be extremely bitter.

The bitter koka is actually a kind of bitter kalo, and this means that the kolo contains a lot more almonds than a normal koko.

For this reason, the taste of a bitter-kolo koko is so much more intense.

You have to be a little bit careful with the oil you add to your kola.

It is usually best to use a nut oil with at least 40% to 60% sugar, because the bitter almonds make the bitter taste so much better.

And if you want to make the koko bitter, you have to keep adding sugar and oil to it, which is why some people make their bitter karo nuts with just 1/3 to 1/2 cup of sugar, which means they can’t taste the bitter at all.

There is also a reason why bitter kos are often called bitter kolas, which comes from the fact that koko are often mixed with milk and then roasted or salted, which results in the bitter flavor.

So in short, bitter-Kolo is not only very bitter, but also very bitter and very sweet.