How to make your own hex nut nails

I bought a hex nut nail art set at a craft store and I was blown away by how much it looked like a hex.

The nail art is made of a special mix of waxes, acrylics and clay.

I also have a few hex nuts and a few of them I can make my own hex nuts using a little glue.

So, what you need to know: 1.

The hex nut is a little bit more fragile than other nuts, so make sure it’s clean and dry before you use it. 2.

It takes two to three weeks to make a hex nuts nail art, so it’s best to start small and build up over time.


Hex nuts nail arts are one of the most popular craft projects on Pinterest.

The craft store I bought mine at gave me some instructions, but it’s a bit of a work-in-progress so you might need to check with them.


The art pieces are handmade, but you can customize them to your taste.


You can get hex nuts nails by cutting the nails, but I’ve found that the ones I’ve cut to length and trimmed away the nails on have been more sturdy than the ones that I’ve not.


You’ll need a nail art kit to make hex nuts.

I used the same kit for this tutorial.


You could also buy hex nuts from craft stores for a fraction of the cost, but this tutorial assumes you already have one.

I recommend buying one before you start making your own.


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