Nut meme ‘gives my nuts a boost’

The UK’s Nutty Nutty, the UK’s first official “nut meme”, has become a viral sensation with thousands of videos of Nutty Nuts appearing on social media. 

The meme is made up of images of NutTY, a mascot for the UK government’s Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, holding a nut on a stick, as well as a slogan that reads “you’re on your own”., the website for the meme, says the aim of the site is to “help educate people about the importance of food safety and nut production, and to provide a platform for people to discuss nut production and the nuts they use”. 

It has been watched by more than 17.5 million users and has generated more than 6.3 million Facebook likes.

The site also features NuttyNutty, a fictional character who claims to be Nuttynutty and the official mascot for UK government-backed research into how nut production affects human health and the environment.

The Nutty nutty meme: – Facebook page for