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The latest version of Nutella has gained popularity among the global population, but the iconic French brand was once known for its iconic Nutella sauce.

Nutella’s new name has been announced today.

“The Nutella brand has undergone a major rebranding and we have come to the decision to name it Nutella,” said Nicolas Boulot, CEO of the Nutella Group.

“It’s a new brand that we are taking our time with.”

Nutella, which is made from fresh milk, cream, sugar and butter, has long been synonymous with the country’s iconic dish.

“Its a perfect blend of creamy goodness, a rich chocolatey flavour and freshness that has been enjoyed across many cultures, regions and nations for generations,” said Mr Boulod.

Mr Bousquet said the brand would remain in French, although it was hoped that other brands would adopt the new name.

“Nutella is not a brand that is exclusive to France, and that’s why we have chosen to name the brand Nutella globally,” he said.

Mr Nutella also announced that the company’s flagship brand, the Nutelleria, will be renamed Nutella Classic.

The Nutellerea Classic will be a line of premium ice cream flavours, with a range of new flavours and new flavors made with Nutella milk, he said, adding that the brand had more than 40 flavours planned for the new year.

“We are really excited to see the new and exciting Nutellerias.

We can’t wait to bring them to the masses,” Mr Nutellera said.

The company has previously announced that it would open two new stores in Sydney, Sydney, and Brisbane, Australia.

The launch of Nutelleroos new Sydney store comes as the company continues to invest heavily in the Australian market.

“I am delighted to announce the launch of our first Australian store in Sydney,” Mr Bouchard said.

“This store will be the home for all the Nutelli-related products and accessories we offer to the Australian consumer.”

He said the new store would be in a prime location in the city’s CBD.