When you’re locking a wheel nut, here’s how to unlock it using your hands

When you need to lock a wheel, you need a way to get the wheel nut out without accidentally lifting it up.

That’s where your hands come in.

That means using your thumbs, or your thumbs’ grip, to get at the nut.

The trick is to hold the nut with the thumb and index fingers.

If the nut is not holding the nut securely, the nut will not lock down, and it will spring out.

If you’re not a fan of this, the hand is your friend.

Here’s how.1.

Place the nut on a surface where you want the wheel to stop.

In this case, the table.2.

Place your thumbs under the nut, and make sure you’re holding the thumb down.

If it’s not, the thumb is the culprit and you can still lock the nut down.3.

Grab the other thumb and hold the index finger in front of you.

Use the index fingers’ grip to grab the nut without lifting it.

It’s the best way to lock down a wheel.4.

The nut is now locked.

It will spring back into place if you move the index and middle fingers of the right hand to the left, or vice versa.

The right hand holds the wheel in place, while the left hand grabs the nut and pushes it away from you.5.

Release the left thumb, and the nut springs back into position.

Now you can lock the wheel.

It works the same way as when the nut was first locked.

This is because the thumb doesn’t need to move to get back into the nut position, and so the wheel stays in place.