‘I Am Not A Human Being’: How I Feel about Eating My Own Mummy

By Lauren Winton,CNN | February 2, 2019 | 02:24:10I was born with a condition called neuroblastoma, a kind of childhood cancer.

My tumour is growing rapidly, and it has spread to my brain.

My mother and I are lucky to have two very supportive parents, but the diagnosis was too late for us.

I’ve spent the past six years trying to live life as a normal human being.

I don’t feel like a human being, like I’m a part of my body.

I feel like I am just a bunch of neurons, all trying to be happy and alive.

That’s how I feel when I eat my mummy, a piece of food that my family has prepared for me.

The first time I ate it, I was so excited.

I wanted to be in the tumour and it felt amazing.

But after a few minutes of eating, I realised that my tumour wasn’t going to grow.

I had to go back to my normal eating habits and I stopped eating.

I am not a human, and I don,t have the same emotions I used to.

I didn’t think I was going to have a tumour for the rest of my life.

But I have now, and every day it gets worse.

It’s not like I have a disease.

My body is fine.

It is normal.

My tumour has grown and now I have it in my stomach.

My stomach is full of the food that I have eaten in my life and my mum is not happy.

She thinks I should stop eating because it’s causing me pain and discomfort.

I can’t eat normally because I am so full.

I just have to be careful with what I eat and what I put in my body to avoid any negative effects.

I get really sick, too.

I have had nausea and stomach pains.

I sometimes feel a bit tired.

What does this mean for me?

My mum and I try to avoid foods that could be dangerous, but we are still eating and we are having to eat more.

I think I am going to develop a tumours-specific immune system because my immune system is so different from mine, so my tumours have changed and now they are different to the ones I have.

I do feel really tired and hungry.

I’m not hungry at all, but I have to eat, which means I am also eating more.

It feels like I just don’t get enough.

I want to have more than just food, I want the most authentic experience, which I feel is being in the mummy.

After months of eating the mummy, my tummy is so full that I am feeling sick and weak.

It gets worse as the mummy grows and my tumorous growth continues.

The tumours start to form and the tumours become bigger and bigger.

I now have to remove all of my food before I eat it.

It just feels so painful, so painful.

It has to be removed, I have been told.

Every day I have this huge tumour in my tumbril.

I try not to eat at all because I’m going to be full and the anaesthetic is too strong and I can feel it going down my throat.

I also have the tummy swelling up and swelling up.

I take the medicine for about 10 minutes a day to keep the tumor in check.

I do not feel like eating because I just want to be normal and normal for my body and my body doesn’t want me to be anything special.

This is a disease and I’m here to fight for a cure for me, but there is no cure.

There is no way that I can live a normal life with a normal body, and that’s not what I want.

I need to have control over what I am eating and what is in my mouth.

I still have a few things in my kitchen that I need, but that’s about it.

Do you have a mummy or would you like to eat one?

If you are not sure, contact your doctor or family member.