‘D.J. and the Nugget’: Watch: ‘Dug Out the Nugs Guy’ — With a Lug Nut Wrench

Posted January 05, 2020 08:04:06After watching the movie, I was so glad to see that there was an actual ‘Nugget guy’ who was actually doing a real job in the movie.

This is a guy who gets mugged and has to run away from his mugger, and he’s the hero of the film, because of course he is.

This was a real character in the film who was doing real work in the real world, and that was something that we really wanted to include in the show.

We wanted to give it that extra dimension.

We also did have a big deal with a big-time Hollywood actor in the episode that we shot, and I think that’s one of the most famous moments of the movie: The guy gets mugging, and the guy says, “You gotta take this bag off me.”

And then we see him with a huge gun, and we see the guy who’s going to take the bag off.

We really did think about that, because we wanted to have that big scene.

And the thing about that scene, when you think about it, is that we just thought that the guy had the biggest gun of the lot.

That’s one thing that really was interesting about the movie and what we did with it.

We were like, “We gotta have this huge gun in this scene.

It’s gotta be huge.”

That’s the only reason why it had a huge scene.

You gotta have a massive gun in that scene.

We thought about how big it was, how big the gun was, and how the guy got in the car and drove off.

That was just one of those things that really had to be in the scene.

So, we shot the scene that we did, and then when we shot it, the director, Dan Aykroyd, called me and said, “Well, this is not as good as we had hoped.”

I said, “…

Well, I’m glad to hear it.

It was pretty good, but I don’t think we nailed it.”

So he said, he called Dan Ayks and said that this was one of his favorite scenes in the entire movie, and it really is a scene that really has some very special moments in it, because the movie was kind of a comedy and we were trying to do a real serious-looking comedy and it’s hard to pull off in a comedy.

We couldn’t do it, and so he said that he really liked that scene and wanted to shoot it.

And I said to him, “No, this isn’t the right one.

Let’s shoot this thing with a little more humor.”

So I called him up, and Dan and I were talking about it.

I said [to Dan], “Why don’t you go ahead and put that scene where the guy takes the bag of nuts off him, and put a guy in the middle who’s doing that, and give that guy a gun and go, ‘Okay, this guy’s going nuts.’

That’s a good way to go about it.”

He said, and again, I said no, because it was going to be very funny.

We didn’t want to do it with a gun.

I thought it would be too funny.

So I went ahead and did that.

That guy was a lot bigger than the guy we shot.

I mean, we went through that process with the guy, and they were very close.

I think it was the right shot.

He was actually in the right spot, so we just went ahead with that.

So we shot that scene for the episode, and in the background, you’ll see some really funny moments, like the way the guys were shooting off into the distance.

It wasn’t in the foreground, but you’ll just see it.

The guy’s holding the gun and he gets into the car.

And then, he’s shooting off to the side, and you see the car come up behind him.

And he’s just like, Oh, shit!

He’s been shot in the head!

He is out of the car, and everyone’s screaming.

And it was funny.

That scene was very funny, but it wasn’t really what we wanted.

So that was one thing.

But, we wanted that big gun.

We tried to get it out of that scene because that was so funny.

And again, it’s a great shot, because that’s the big gun that we had in the pilot.

It just seemed like the right way to do that scene to me.

I don’t know if you remember, but in the first episode of the show, we had to do something to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the release of the Beatles album, The White Album.

So, we were kind of like, if you know what I mean?

The White Record was one that had a big