When the world goes nuts: Justin Bieber’s Nutty World

The world’s biggest celebrity star was the target of an angry outburst when a member of his entourage was caught on camera feeding his nutty nougat into his coffee cup.

Amber Rose, who plays Justin’s girlfriend Tessa Bunbury, has been in hot water in recent weeks over a series of tweets she posted about her food habits.

The 27-year-old singer and former pop star has been criticised for his eating habits, particularly during the holidays, which have been blighted by a lack of food.

In a series called ‘Bombshells’, she revealed that she ate “just one serving of nut butter every day” in January.

She said: “I’m not sure if it’s the healthiest thing in the world to do, but it’s just a natural part of the holiday season and I think the best thing is to be as mindful of your health as possible.”

You can’t be going for a day without it.

“The incident happened on February 16, just hours after Tessa had posted a photo of her with her brother.

It sparked a social media storm and the star had to apologise for his actions, but he has not apologised for his own.

The star has since taken to Twitter to apologise to his fans, writing: “For all of my fans out there that I know are upset, I am sorry.

This has been an incredibly stressful time for me and for all of us that love my music and this is an opportunity for us to share our thoughts and feelings on things that are going on in the entertainment industry.

“I am very sorry for all the hurt I caused and all the anger I have caused.”

He also tweeted that he is “really proud of what I have achieved” and “will be back with my fans to support them”.

Bunbury, who is also a musician, said she was “disappointed” with Justin and his “poor choices”.

She wrote on Instagram: “Sorry for being so rude to my brother in the past.

I’m disappointed to hear he is now upset with me.

I wish you nothing but happiness.”

Justin was reportedly upset with his fans and his tweets have caused a stir in the industry.

Last week, he told the Today show that he “wouldn’t mind” going to jail for eating his food.

Justin also wrote on Twitter: “My first instinct is to keep my food down and not give anyone the wrong idea.

My food has nothing to do with my music.”