How to Eat a Nut That’s Actually a Nut

Nutritional yeast is a little-known but pretty tasty variety of yeast that makes a delicious, nutty yeastball, too.

Its nutty flavors and nutty taste make it a good substitute for traditional nut butter and nut milk, which you probably can’t get at the store.

It’s also made with coconut oil, which is an oil made from coconut milk and sugar.

It makes a great base for nut milk.

Its not a good source of calories, either.

For most people, a serving of this yeastball is about 10 calories, but if you’re trying to eat fewer calories, its a great substitute for a regular yeastball.

Try to keep the amount of yeast in the dough below 2 cups.

You want to keep it around 1.5 cups.