‘Deez Nut Wrench’ music video premieres on MTV News – 4th of July

The new music video for Deez Nut wrench, the new song by Deez, is being released on Monday (July 4).

It is based on the song “Deez Wrench” by the rock band Deeznuts and is based around the band’s song “Loud and Proud”.

In the new video, the band perform “Dee-dee-Dee”.

The song, written by the Deez nut wrench band, is also featured on the new album DeezNut Wrench.

The new music is being performed by the band on the road for the fourth time this year, and also the first time they will perform together as a band in the UK.

In addition to the new music, Deez nuts will perform their new hit song “Hoodwinked” during their tour.

Deez nut Wrench is one of the first songs written by Diz.

They were featured on their third album Diz Nut Wrenches and the second single “Lazaretto”.

They have been touring around the world since 2008, and will continue their tour in October.

Watch the new Deeznut Wrench music video:Deez nuts fans have been singing along to the music video, which will be released on MTV UK.

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