How to make Pem Nut Candy

A popular dessert called Pem (pronounced “pee-muh”) is a dessert consisting of chopped pistachios, pistachio seeds and pistachines, and is a favorite among Indian and international students.

The ingredients are a mix of pistachia seeds, pistar nuts and sugar.

In fact, a few years back, we made a batch of Pem.

Here’s how to make the delicious snack.


Grate the pistachias 2.

Add the sugar 3.

Add some pistachian powder 4.

Make a little dough 5.

Roll it up 6.

Cut it in half and roll it in sugar 7.

Cut into squares 8.

Cut them into strips and wrap in plastic and leave at room temperature for a couple of hours before slicing.

It’s not the most traditional way to make this snack, but it’s delicious and it’s a good way to get some energy.

You can also serve this as a snack or make it for dessert.

If you have leftover dough, you can even freeze it and bake it for a quick lunch!

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