Why spike lug nuts can be deadly

A pair of spike lug nut nuts can kill you in seconds.

That’s the claim of a woman who died in her home in Tennessee, and she was trying to sell them to a friend who was buying them online.

The woman was a woman in her late 30s who had recently undergone surgery to remove a benign brain tumor, and her mother had been struggling with her finances, her mother’s lawyer told ABC News.

The mother was trying on several different brands of lug nuts at the time, but when the woman returned home, she said she was not able to find any she wanted.

The family called the FBI, and the agency began investigating.

The FBI contacted the local sheriff and the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.

When they contacted the family, they told them the woman had bought the nuts in a store in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

That store was later located, but not in the same building as the one where the woman’s mother had purchased them.

When they went to the building, they found a dead woman in a closet.

Her mother had not died.

When the woman died, investigators believe the woman went to her mother in Chattanooga.

The mother called the authorities, and they found her body there.

The Tennessee Bureau for Investigation said they are still investigating the case, and are asking anyone who may have seen something suspicious to contact them.