About Pistachio

What is pistachio
Pistachio is a two-legged tree which its height is about five meters. it is
Self-grown in Iran and Afghanistan. the leaves of pistachio are different
And consist of2or3 sharp-pointed leaves with an end green leaf on it.
Its flowers are cluster and its male flower is without leaf.for more
Information about pistachio refer to: every thing about pistachio in
An article in Iran site.
Iran is one of the biggest important exporters of pistachio in the
World.the best kind of pistachio in the world is in Iran.
Pistachio, not only in 2 kinds of raw and roasted is of important parts  of
Salt and sweet dried nuts, but also the fresh and wet kind of pistachio,that comes to the market in the last of summer and the first days o autumn, has many fans.
Furthermore,its kernel is used for baking many sweets and cakes and
To decorate some of mixed pilaf,such as; carrot,sweet rice,jewel rice
And….meanwhile; from its fresh shell, we can make a delicious jam.
There are below ingredients in 100 grams of kernel:

  GRAM    215                 WATER

  GRAM    20                   PROTEIN

  GRAM     54                  FAT

  GRAM      15                 STARCH

  MILI  GRAM    130       CALCIUM


  MILI  GRAM    5/7        IRON

  MILI  GRAM    950       POTASSIUM

  UNIT        230                Vitamine A

  MILI  GRAM    7            Vitamine B1

  MILI  GRAM   5/1         Vitamine B3




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