Iranian pistachio

Four original kinds of Iranian pistachio possesses different

Characteristics, there is a basic explanation for each in below:

1.hazel-shaped : 

This product is one of the kinds of pistachio and there is a greet amount Of it .it is growing-up in most locations of Iran. The kernel of this pistachio Is round. This pistachio is round-shaped and has these sizes: 28-30 30-32, 32-34, size of 26-28 is also available in small quantities for This product.

2. Kale-ghoochi : 

This kind of tree has good products and its kernel is very big. Its size Are: 20-22 , 22-24 , 24 , 26. Size of 18-20 is also available for this Product .


It is a new kind of pistachio and has good product. Its kernel is big And drawn and its size are: 20-22 , 22-24 , 24-26. Size of 18-20 is Available in small quantities.

4. Ahmad-aghaei : 

 It is the newest kind of Iranian commercial pistachio. it is very famous For farmers because of a great productivity and short time for product.

In some markets such as India and Greece, this pistachio is very Famous. its kernel is drawn and its size are: 22-24 , 24-26 , 26-28

28-30. size of 20-22 is available in small quantities










Saturday, 24 February 2018