Actions of preparation

 Actions of preparation pistachio


this action was done by hand in the past, and the outer thin shell was flaying

from the inner thick shell. in this method, the inner shell remains whiter or 

clearer. but it is not economical, because it spends plenty time.nowadays, 

flaying is done by big anal small machines with different capacities and tonnages.


B:the hollow

light pistachios and their shells with a machine called deaf jam which

works based on air pressure,separates from the others.



In locations with pistachio, Balls is told to pistachios which their

Shells have not been separated this action is done by a machine called Gvgyr.


D: floating 

The purpose of this section is separating the green and damaged

Pistachios that have alittle weight by a device called fluid.


E: taking moisture

Some of moisture in pistachio along with some water is taken.


F: sort

Before entering pistachio to the drier section. the available trushes,

Unsuitable pistachios with different colours or pistachios without

Flaying are separated by workers. the above picture shows the line of preperation.


Saturday, 24 February 2018