Benefits of Pistachios


Benefits of Pistachios

1: pistachio in comparison with other dried nuts has alittle calorie.

Its without cholesterol and has some Saturated is a source of

Energy and helps to absorb vitamines: D,E,A, pistachio is doing this

Important affair because of having fatness.

2 : pistachio is one of the best sources of herbaceouse protein.

3 : the usage of pistachio per one week must not be more than 18 grams because it has many protein and unsaturated fat.

4 : pistachio has many fibers. fiber helps digestion and regulates cholesterol and glucose.

5 : between dried nuts, pistachio is the best source of potassium.

Potassium in 1 pistachio is equal to potassium in 1 orange. potassium

Of 2 pistachio is more than 1 banana. potassium available in pistachio helps to the balance of our bodies liquid.

 it regulates the pulse (of heart)

And is very suitable for decreasing blood pressure.

6 : it has phosphorous and participates to build bones and teeth.

It takes the poorness and tiredness of our body and it is suitable for

Strengthening the muscles.

7 : pistachio has also some magnesium. magnesium is one of the 

Most important ingredients for changing food to regulates

The pulse and prevents the obstruction.

8 : iron in pistachio is suitable for vertigo,tiredness,paleness and anaemia.

9 : zinc is very important for strengthening skin, hair and nail

10 : vitamines in pistachio consist of:B6,B1and E. vitamine 

B6 helps

To metabolism of protein and absorb the food stuffs.vitamine B1

 increases the Energy, supporting nerve cells and balance of


11 : between dried nuts, pistachio has a lot of anti-oxides, as you know;Vitamine E belongs to anti-oxides and responsible for supporting the safety system of our body, eye safety, prevent of tiredness,stress and of course prevent of cells destruction.

12 : pistachio, such as other seeds, prevents of heart disease, because

Of having unsaturated fats, it can decrease cholesterol.

13 : pistachio causes the right and correct action of the brain and 

Recover a person.

14 : this dried nut can prevent of developing chronic diseases, such as; cancer.

15 : the studies show: pistachio can increase the amount of good cholesterol

(HDL)and decrease the amount of bad cholesterol(LDL) and trigly cerides.  

16 : powder of pistachio is a remedy for toothache.

17 : pistachio does not change the blood pressure and high-weight  because of high calorie. it is accounted as a high-calorie snacks and it shouldn’t be used a lot.

For decreasing salt and fat in regiment,its forbidden to eat salt and

Roasted pistachios.

It is necessary to say that 28 grams of pistachio will support our body

More than 10 percent of fiber, vitamine B6 vitamine B1,magnesium

and phosphorous. 


Saturday, 24 February 2018